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Foremay SSD Solutions

 SC199 Family

 - High Ruggedness for

   Mission Critical

 EC188 Family

 - High Tolerance for

   Rugged Servers

 TC166 Family

 - High Reliability for

   Industrial Computing

 OC177 Family

 - High Integration for

   Embedded Computing


Secure Erase Panel

Download a copy of our CTO Jack Winters' presentation at the Flash Security Workshop and Panel Discussion at the Flash Memory Summit'14


Our Mission Statement

On-time Deliver Quality Products or Solutions that Meet or Exceed Customers' Expectations.


SSD World Market Size


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Why Customers Choose Foremay's SSD Over Others


World's first 8TB,4TB,2TB & 1TB 2.5" SATA SSD   

World's only 200 TB 2U rugged all-flash SAN

World's only I-grade PCIe SSD for rugged servers

World's only 8 TB I-grade 2.5" NVMe SFF-8639 SSD

World's largest industrial grade CF card 256 GB

Wide choices of operating temperatures: 0~70°C,

    -20~+85°C, -40~+85°C,-45~+95°C and -55~+125°C


Interfaces: SATA, IDE, SAS, NVMe, M.2, CF, CFast, PCIe, PXIe, VPX, GigE, Infiniband, FC, ...

Rugged SSDs meet MIL-STD-810G standard

Military secure erase and self-destruction

Write protect and power-down protection

Secured hardware based encryptions

Expertise in customized design & production


Foremay is listed by the leading storage publisher at Q3'11 as

 Top 10 SSD OEMs

Today we cold soaked the Foremay SSD at -55°C for two hours then applied power. The drive worked flawlessly. We operated the drive for another hour while writing, reading and cycling power – no issues. We stepped through multiple temperatures between -55°C and +85°C and there were no errors of any kind. This SSD passed with flying colors.

- A Tier-1 Defense System Builder

News and Press Releases

- World's First 4TB & 8TB 2.5" SATA SSD Drives

- NASA Deploys Foremay’s SSDs

- World's First 2TB 2.5" SATA SSD

- SC199 Hi-Rel™ for Rugged PCs

- EC188 D-Series PCIe SSD

- OC177™ Disk-On-Chip SSD

- World's fastest 1.8" microSATA III

- More Press Releases ...


UTC named Foremay as Gold Supplier

Military Secure Erase, Fast Purge and Self-Destruction SSD Drives


SSD Pros vs. HDD

> 10 ~ 40 times R/W speed

< 1% data access time

< 10% power consumption

> 40 times higher  

   concurrent access

> 8 times higher anti-shock

> 16 times higher               


> 10 times longer life-time

< 30 dB lower noise

< 50% weight

> 2 times wider range in

   operating temperatures

< 50% TCO

   SSD Applications Examples

  - Defense / military systems

  - Aerospace & government systems

  - Unmanned airplanes and vehicles

  - Unmanned underwater vehicles

  - Flight data recorders / black boxes

  - Rugged laptops and rugged PCs

  - Disaster monitor/recovery systems

  - Outdoor harsh environment systems

     such as land and oceanic oil fields

  - Train/ship/automotive systems

  - Public security systems

  - Noise sensitive devices and systems

  - Scientific research systems

  - Super computers

  - Industrial PCs and embedded PCs

  - Mission critical mail servers

  - Enterprise servers, data centers

  - Social Security Administrations 

  - Insurance companies

  - Online secured transactions servers

  - Bank and stock exchange servers

  - Telecom systems and sub-systems

  - Government servers and systems

* Please read carefully                        

   Disclaimer and Safety Warning

OC177 DOC disk-on-chip, less than the size of U.S. quarter coin, but with capacity of  64GB or 32GB with standard SATA or IDE host interface


 SSD Industry Links



     Storage Network


     Flash Memory Summit

"We did a temperature cycle down to -40 °C and up to   +85 °C. We also did a cold start at -40 °C. Foremay’s SSD drives performed well under these extreme conditions. That’s where we’ve seen a lot of other SSDs have problems in the past."

- A NASA's system integrator



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