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Foremay's Rugged SSD Solutions

 SC199 Family

 - High Reliability

   Special Computing

 EC188 Family

 - High IOPS

   Enterprise Computing

 PC166 Family

 - High Speed

   Terminal Computing

 OC177 Family

 - High Integration

   On-Board Computing


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About Foremay

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2002, Foremay, Inc., is a leading company dedicated to designing and developing of rugged Solid State Drives (SSD) for mission critical computing, industrial computing, embedded computing and rugged servers. Foremay's vision is to bring high reliability, high ruggedness, high security, high performance and low power consumption ("Green Initiatives") to rugged flash hard drive industry. Foremay's solid state disk benefits your business and systems with high reliability (anti-vibration, anti-shock and anti-drop), high security (hardware based Self Encrypting Drives, military secure erase and self-destruction function), ultra-fast read/write speed, and long durability rugged storage solutions. Our solid state hard drive also significantly extends the battery life of your rugged mobile computing systems and devices. Foremay was founded by a team of semiconductor and computer industry veterans from Cisco, IBM, NEC, Nokia, Alcatel and AT&T Bell Labs. Our headquarters are in Pasadena, California, USA.

Foremay has been listed on the world Top 10 SSD OEMs by the independent third party StorageSearch.com   






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