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Foremay's Rugged SSD Solutions

 SC199 Family

 - High Ruggedness for

   Mission Critical

 EC188 Family

 - High Tolerance for

   Rugged Servers

 PC166 Family

 - High Reliability for

   Industrial Computing

 OC177 Family

 - High Integration for

   Embedded Computing


 4 GB/s PCIe Solution

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                           EC188 Product Family


Foremay’s EC188 Family SSD and flash hard drives are the next generation in solid state drive technology, designed with high performance and high reliability in mind. With a maximum read/write speed up to 6.0 GB/sec, high IOPS up to 1,500,000, and capacity up to 200 TB, the EC188 Family is the Fastest SSD geared towards applications that require ultra-high performance, such as high speed, long life and high concurrent access.

The EC188™ M-Series solid state drives are the flash hard drives designed for optimized performance for enterprise applications and support with optimization for various types of RAID configurations. The EC188 also supports all major operating systems for server and workstations such as Windows server OS, Mac server OS, Linux enterprise versions, Unix, Solaris, etc.

The EC188™ PCIe SSD (now consolidated under EC188 M-series) has a standard PCI Express interface that boosts read/write speed up to 3,800/3,100 MB/s. Unit capacity is up to 32 TB for single PCIe card SSD. With the unique scalability of our EC188 PCIe SSD design, a 4U system can be configured up to 200 TB capacity with a set of 6 units of Foremay PCIe card SSD configured in RAID 0.

The EC188™ 2U Rackmount SSD has optional SAN interface of 10/40/56 GigE, PCIe and Fiber Channel. The 2U SAN has up to 200 TB capacity and IOPS up to 1,500,000. It is an ideal solution for high reliability enpterprise storage systesm.

The EC188 Family is made with high performance NAND flash and DRAM. By leveraging patented flash management technologies, Foremay's EC188 family SSDs significantly increase reliability and life-time, and provide unprecedented vibration, and shock and drop tolerance. EC188 solid state hard drive are available in different form factors of PCIe x8 Gen.3.0, PCIe x8 Gen 2.0, PCIe x4 Gen.2.0, PCIe x4 Gen.1.0, 2.5" SATA, 2.5" SAS, 2.5" NVMe, PXIe, VPX, and 2U Rockmount.

The EC188 Family SSD and flash hard drives are rigorously qualified in Foremay’s compatibility labs with strict hardware and software testing standards for consistency and functionality. Using Foremay’s EC188 solid sate hard drive also reduces maintenance costs, which is essential for rugged markets to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The EC188 Family is available in a wide range of form factors and capacities to fit numerous types of applications. Selected models are available to support a wide operating temperature range up to -40 to +85°C. Secure erase and data encryption are available options for selected models.



  EC188 ™ M-Series, typical specifications

Operating temperature: from 0 ~ +55 °C to -40 ~ +85 °C

Form Factor
R/W Speed (MB/s)
Optional Features

PCIe x8 Gen.3.0

1 TB ~ 8 TB
S1, HE

PCIe x8 Gen.2.0

1 TB ~ 6 TB
S1, HE

PCIe x4 Gen.2.0

2 TB ~ 12 TB
S1, HE, OP

PCIe x4 Gen.1.0

2 TB ~ 32 TB
S1, HE


1 TB ~ 8 TB
S1, HE


1 TB ~ 8 TB
S1, HE

2U Rackmount

1 million IOPS
24 TB ~ 200 TB
S1, HE

2.5" SFF-8639 NVMe

1 TB ~ 8 TB
S1, HE, OP
2.5" SAS
500 GB ~ 2 TB
S1, HE, SC
500 GB ~ 8 TB
S1, HE, SC
1 TB ~ 8 TB
S1, HE, SC


Optional feature code:

S1: Type-I secure erase, software or firmware bases secure erase

HE: Hardware based encryption

CC: Conformal coating

SC: Super capacitor

SC: TCG-Opal


Please contact a Foremay's sales representative to make sure your server's operating system is supported by above PCIe SSDs before place order. If your required special feature is not listed here, please let us know and may able to design and build a customized product for you.


Please contact a Foremay's sales representative if your required special feature is not listed here. We will be glad to design and build customized products for you.

* Please read carefully Disclaimer and Safety Warning

The EC188 family solid state drives are geared specifically for ruggedized server applications that require high concurrent access, high capacity, high IOPS, high speed and high endurance.

EC188 series application examples are*

- Defense / Military Servers

- Government Servers

- Bank / Financial Servers

- Embedded / Industrial PCs

- Telecom Server Systems

- Medical / Health Systems

- Social Secutiry Servers

- In-the-Motion Servers

- Aircraft / Ship / Vehicle Servers

- High Reliable Enterprise

- High Reliable Stock /

   Security Exchange

- Disaster Recovery

- Other Rugged Systems













Product specifications are subject to the datasheets. The specification summary and product appearance shown above may be changed without notice. For the most recent product offers and specifications, please contact our sales department at




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