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Foremay's Rugged SSD Solutions

 SC199 Family

 - High Reliability

   Special Computing

 EC188 Family

 - High IOPS

   Enterprise Computing

 PC166 Family

 - High Speed

   Terminal Computing

 OC177 Family

 - High Integration

   On-Board Computing


 SSD World Market Size


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            Choosing the Right Foremay SSD Product


One of Foremay’s major advantages is that we truly offer One-Stop Shopping for customers who need standard SSD or other flash hard drives. We provide a full line of SSD solutions, from plug-n-play SSD, to solid state drive modules, to embedded solid state disk solutions.  However, customers may feel that it could be complicated to choose the right SSD since we have more than 100 different solid state drives.

To simplify and improve the decision-making process of our customers, we established a new product management system with the easy-to-use flow chart shown below. Regardless of what kind of SSD or solid state hard drive you are looking for, simply follow the flow chart below to find what you need. 

SSD product datasheets are available upon request. The Foremay SSD product roadmap is also available upon signing an NDA. Please contact the Foremay sales department at sales@foremay.net                        
  OC177 Family      
  SC199 Family
  EC188 Family


TC166 Family

SSD Product Options

At A Glance

Plug-n-Play SSD

    - 2.5", 3.5", 1.8" and 1.2"

    - SATA, micro SATA

    - PCIe, mini PCIe

    - IDE, ZIF

    - SAS, SCSI, FC

    - 0~70°C to -45 ~ +95°C


Disk-on-Module ( DOM )

    - All common interface

    - Industrial grade and 

       commercial grade


Disk-on-Chip (DOC)

    - SATA

    - IDE / PATA

    - Industrial grade and 

       commercial grade



 For more SSD product information, please contact our sales department at




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